Being fully aware of the way personal data should be used and dealt with, and under the existing legal regulations regarding this matter, ECOVIDRIO has established a system within its organisation to keep personal data secure, complete and confidential.

VI.1. Privacy and Confidentiality

ECOVIDRIO informs Users that the data provided to us for any of our services will be entered in an automated file belonging to ECOVIDRIO, with registered office in Madrid on calle Estébanez Calderón, 3-5 (4ª planta) 28020 de Madrid. The aforementioned data will be used in order to manage the relationship with Users, to manage services offered on the website, to expand and improve Content, as well as to send information and/or advertising materials that ECOVIDRIO may consider of interest to the Users, either via email or any other means. In the case of marketing communications via email or similar means, giving your data to ECOVIDRIO is equivalent to expressing your consent to receive advertising materials via email.

If the User is a minor, their personal data should be supplied with the authorisation of their legal representative. Thus, ECOVIDRIO understands that when a minor accesses the Portals, they are doing so with the permission of their legal representative. The User may access, modify and cancel their personal data by duly completing the form made available to them by ECOVIDRIO, and sending it by mail (standard or registered) to the address mentioned above, and directed to the Department of Institutional Relations of ECOVIDRIO. (You can access the form by clicking here.)

ECOVIDRIO informs the User that the collection of this data is not mandatory for them to access and navigate the Portals. However, in order for us to render certain services, the User will need to provide us with their personal data. Failure to do so, in those cases where it is required, could imply that ECOVIDRIO will not provide those services, which, in order to be completed, require the User to provide their personal data. Thus, in these cases, ECOVIDRIO will not be responsible for not providing services or providing incomplete services.

In any case, the User will be responsible for the truthfulness of the data submitted. ECOVIDRIO hereby reserves the right to remove any User that has provided untrue data from the registered services, without excluding other possible legal actions stipulated by Law.

VI.2. Use of cookies

ECOVIDRIO informs you that cookies are used while navigating the Portals. Cookies are small data files generated from the User’s computer that allow us to obtain the following information:

a) The date and time when our Portals were accessed. This allows us to determine which are the busiest hours of the day and make any necessary adjustments in order to avoid saturation at our peak hours.

b) The number of daily visitors in each section. This allows us to see which areas are visited the most to expand and improve their Content, in order for the Users to obtain better results.

c) The date and time of the last visit made by the User to both or one of our Portals.

d) The Content design that the User chose in their first visit to both or one of our Portals.

e) Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.

The information obtained is completely anonymous, and cannot be associated in any way to a specific and identified user. This information allows ECOVIDRIO to adapt and improve its services to the interests of the User.

Nevertheless, the User has the option of disabling cookies by selecting the appropriate option on their browser. Please note that disabling cookies might make navigation slower than usual.