This summer, apart from going to the beach, bathing and enjoying the sun…Don’t forget to recycle your glass containers!

We all like to have our coastline clean and free of waste; thus, we must all work together to accomplish this. It’s during the summer when we consume more glass —in fact a third of the glass that is collected throughout the year corresponds to the summer months. That is why, from Ecovidrio, we launched the Movimiento Banderas Verdes, so that the coastal municipalities that recycle the most in summer, compete for this award and can raise the flag that recognizes them as the most sustainable and ecological municipalities.

Each year there are more participants in the Ecovidrio summer campaign and in 2019, there are already 136 city councils and 15,000 bars and restaurants in Catalonia, Comunitat Valenciana, Balearic Islands, Cantabria, Murcia and Andalusia that have joined the movement. Everyone that goes green shall receive recognition, but only the most committed with the environment will triumph in raising the green flag of glass recycling.

In order to encourage the recycling of glass in summer, Ecovidrio has reinforced the whole operation so that between establishments and citizens, we can improve the recycling figures of waste glass containers. Environmental educators will make around 46,000 informative and educational visits to the participating establishmentsā —who will be given up to 5,100 special recycling bins and 676 new containers will be decorated with fun summery graphics. Additionally, the collection frequency will be increased since we’re confident that the recycling bins will be overflowing this summer.

The criteria for determining the winners of the Movimiento Banderas Verdes are the total tons of glass collected, the number of participating business per municipality and the city council’s collaboration so that the information reaches everyone.

During the last summer campaign, all the glass collected had a great impact on the environment and on our coasts. It allowed to avoid the extraction of 47,000 tonnes and the emission of 22,000 tonnes of CO2.

We all must work together to raise the green flag and make 2019 the cleanest and most sustainable summer yet!